World of Warcraft PvP Guide

I currently play World of Warcraft, and have played it since the game first came out. I find the game very fun and like to think im pretty good at it. I like to pvp and have gotten gladiator numerous times, and ill tell you, this game is a whole lot more fun when your winning. So I want to share a few points that got me to where I am in this game in hopes that it will increase the fun for many other players.

The first tip, and what I think I could consider the biggest, is to keybinding. There are really no good players out there that click their spells. If you want to succeed in player vs player while playing world of warcraft you MUST keybind your moves. I would recommend that you keybind every single move that you use, I know a few people that click one or two moves and in my opinion that’s still to much. The only things I click are buffs and my mounts. Everything else I use I have keybinded. For those of you who don’t know how to set up keybinds, or don’t even know what they are, you just simply press escape or click the menu bottom next to your bags in game and click on the option labeled “key bindings” then from there find the spot you want to bind and set it to a key. What keybinds do is allow you to press a key on your keyboard to use spells instead of clicking them off your bars with your mouse. Keybinding is a much better way to use your moves then clicking all around.

Another very helpful thing is to use macros for your characters. To name a few common macros I would say warriors make sure you use a spell reflect macro that puts on shield sword and uses spell reflect, also have another macro to put your 2 hander back on. Just about every class should use focus macros for crowd control and interrupts. And hunters or any other class with pets should have macros to control them.

Also, if you want to excel in around I strongly suggest that you play the stronger comps. basically find the comp that everyone is QQing about and saying is to overpowered and takes no skill to play yada yada yada, and play that one. A very powerful comp with good players is and easy way to get a highly ranked arena team.

Lastly gear up you character, and make sure to get the good gems and enchants. Unless you are just a complete god at player vs player I would not recommend trying to play serious arena with green gear or the lv 80 enchants. Spend the extra gold and buy the good gems and enchants. In the end they will pay for themselves.