World of Warcraft Phishing Spam Email to Watch Out For

World of Warcraft is a very popular online game that is played by well over 11 million people now. Since it is popular, there are now scam emails to be aware of. These are designed to try to either put malware on your machine or to “phish” your login and password from you. Learn what these are and what to do about them to not get scammed.

One email talks about how the peer to peer patch downloader has been slow. You are encouraged to download the attachment and install it into your World of Warcraft program folder in order to make your patch downloads much faster. While this sounds nice, it’s a scam. This attachment is some sort of malware. No one is 100% about what it does, but most likely it’s a keylogger that will steal your login and password when you type it into your computer. Note that Blizzard will never send an attachment in an email. All the downloads and improvements come through the game and not through your email account.

Another new email that is out talks about a 3 hour suspension on your account. It goes into detail about how you need to log into your account and settle the situation on the account so that more suspensions will not happen. This makes it sound like if you don’t act immediately, you might get locked out of the game for quite sometime. There is a link that is provided to login to your account and settle the issue. This is nothing more than a classic phishing scam. It’s designed to trick users in order to get your login and password. There is another similar email about a password issue that Blizzard needs to verify. Don’t use this link either.

To protect yourself, never download these attachments or click the links in the email. Instead only interact with Blizzard through the official site.