Planning An Online Roulette Strategy

At first glance you may feel that there is little room for online Roulette strategy simply because the game itself seems so basic. You place your bets; the wheel spins; the ball drops into a slot and if you are a lucky punter you make money. There is no way you can influence where the ball will drop on any given spin of the Roulette wheel so you can appreciate there is a certain amount of luck involved in winning this game.

However you can give yourself a bit of an edge if you take care in placing your bets on each game. Different outcomes offer the house different advantage percentages and if you want to be a winner you are advised to place your bets on those numbers, or combinations of numbers that give the house the least advantage. Some of the more common betting patterns are betting only on red, betting multiple times, the Labouchere System, using the dozen bet and the first and third column strategy.

Betting only on red

If you bet only on red for a total of 38 spins the probability of the ball landing on a red slot over this time would be 47.37%. This means that if the wheel spun 38 times it is highly possible that the ball will land on red ten times (99% probability). Given that betting on red only pays out even money this is not a very good way of winning.

Betting multiple times

This betting system is slightly more complicated. What you do here is you place a bet on both the red and the odd (or the black and the even) for each spin of the wheel. If the bet loses you double the bet; if it wins then you set that bet back to 1. The idea behind this system is that there is a 25% chance of winning both the red and the odd (or the black and the even) and a 50% chance of breaking even. However, this strategy is not that lucrative over the long term because of the house edge and the fact that you would have to play with an almost unlimited amount of money.

The Labouchere System

In this system you pick a line on the betting board and use the numbers from previous spins to work out your bet amount for the next spin, depending on whether or not the previous spin was a loss or a win for you. If you win on a particular number you would cross out the outside numbers and continue play with the smaller line. If you lose on any spin then you add the previous bet to the end of the line and work with a longer line. Many online Roulette strategy experts claim that this system works well because it allows you some flexibility in creating your own string based on the play at the time.

The dozen bet

You can play two variations of this Roulette system – single dozen bets or double dozen bets. In the single dozen bet you would use increasing bets starting from the table minimum through to the table maximum allowed. The purpose of this type of system is for you to get a win before you run out of money and employs a number of tactics such as betting on the same dozen to appear after it has been played twice or betting on the dozen based on the last 5 spins. The double dozen bets is played the same way using more money and only half the stake list.

The first and third column strategy

In this system you place bets on the first and third column on the betting board and another bet on black. In this way you cover most of the possible outcomes with the exception of the four red numbers in the middle column and the zero slot(s). However covering the board in this way does not guarantee a good return and while wins are possible you are more likely to break even over the course of a number of games, rather than make any spectacular wins.

Experienced Roulette players often scoff at new comers who bet on numbers that hold a special meaning for them. Their mother’s birthday for example, or the date of their wedding but the great thing about online Roulette strategy is that it doesn’t have to be so formal. Every time the wheel spins and you have a bet on the table you have a chance of winning and new comers are just as likely to win as experienced veterans. For more information on this fun game visit our site below.

WoW Cooking Guide

My favorite online game to play is WoW (World of Warcraft) and that is why I am writing this short WoW cooking guide article. I am going to show you a brief overview of the cooking skill in the game WoW. When I say WoW I am referring to the MMORPG World of Warcraft and that is how I will be referring it through out this article.

OK the first thing you will have to do to start cooking in WoW is to visit a cooking trainer to learn the skill. Most of the major cities in the game have cooking trainers and you can get directions to them by asking a guard in the city. Once you find the trainer you will want to learn the apprentice cooking skill and all the recipes you can learn at the moment. You will also want to learn the skill to build a fire so you can cook just about any where you want. This can come in handy if you are out farming material to cook with and are not near a fire source to cook with. You will need to carry a flint and tender and some simple wood in your inventory to build a fire after you learn the skill.

OK now that you have learned all your skills you can buy some ingredients from a cooking supplies vendor and you should be ready to start cooking. You can also buy the flint and tender and the simple wood to build your own fire from the cooking supplies vendor. Just remember that when you reach certain levels you will be able to learn new recipes and you will have to visit the cooking trainer to learn these new recipes.

To gain skill points you will need to make items that you can cook and this will raise your skill points. You can see these items by opening your cooking interface and the cooking icon to do this should be in your spell book. When you open this interface you will notice some things are color coded with orange, yellow, green, or maybe even gray. As you cook items these will change as your skill level goes up. You will want to try and cook items that are colored orange to guarantee skill points that way will gain a point for each item cooked. If you cook items that are yellow or green you are not guaranteed a skill point. If you cook items that are gray you will gain no skill points because your cooking skill level is to high for these items.

There is six different level classes in WoW cooking that you will have to gain as you progress. These different levels are attained by reaching certain skill levels in cooking. You will learn these levels from a cooking trainer once you reach these skill levels. Here is a brief over view of the different levels:

  1. 1-75 Apprentice (Visit trainer)
  2. 75-150 Journeyman (Visit trainer)
  3. 150-225 Expert (Purchase the book called Expert Cookbook from a NPC vendor)
  4. 225-300 Artisan (must complete quest)
  5. 300-375 Master (Purchase the book called Master Cookbook from NPC vendor in outlands)
  6. 375-450 Grand Master (Visit trainer in Northrend)

In order to learn the expert cooking skill you will need to purchase the Expert Cookbook. You can get this book in Shadowprey Village in Desolace (Horde) or at Silverwind Refuge in Ashenvale (Alliance). There should be a NPC vendor in these two areas to purchase it from.

In order to learn the artisan cooking skill you must complete some quests. The cooking trainer named Zamja in Ogrimmar (Horde) is where you should be able to start the quests. If you are alliance a NPC named Daryl Riknussun in Ironforge should be able to help. You will need a 225 Cooking skill to start the quests and a minimum player level of 35 to learn artisan cookin.

You can learn master cooking from a book sold by cooking trainers in Hellfire Peninsula. The horde can buy their book from a NPC named Baxter in Thrallmar. The alliance can get there book from Gaston in Honor Hold.

You can learn the grand master skill from cooking trainers in Northrend. Just visit your factions cooking trainer.

World of Warcraft Phishing Spam Email to Watch Out For

World of Warcraft is a very popular online game that is played by well over 11 million people now. Since it is popular, there are now scam emails to be aware of. These are designed to try to either put malware on your machine or to “phish” your login and password from you. Learn what these are and what to do about them to not get scammed.

One email talks about how the peer to peer patch downloader has been slow. You are encouraged to download the attachment and install it into your World of Warcraft program folder in order to make your patch downloads much faster. While this sounds nice, it’s a scam. This attachment is some sort of malware. No one is 100% about what it does, but most likely it’s a keylogger that will steal your login and password when you type it into your computer. Note that Blizzard will never send an attachment in an email. All the downloads and improvements come through the game and not through your email account.

Another new email that is out talks about a 3 hour suspension on your account. It goes into detail about how you need to log into your account and settle the situation on the account so that more suspensions will not happen. This makes it sound like if you don’t act immediately, you might get locked out of the game for quite sometime. There is a link that is provided to login to your account and settle the issue. This is nothing more than a classic phishing scam. It’s designed to trick users in order to get your login and password. There is another similar email about a password issue that Blizzard needs to verify. Don’t use this link either.

To protect yourself, never download these attachments or click the links in the email. Instead only interact with Blizzard through the official site.

They Should Make an MMO Farming Sim

Okay here’s an idea. Get this, an MMO farming simulator. I mean come on, who doesn’t love those fun Harvest Moon games that Natsume keeps churning out every year. Well, at least the 2D ones, most of the 3D Harvest Moon games tend to suck, with Harvest Moon 64 being the exception. I’m seriously surprised that there are no farming simulation MMOs out there yet, as there are so many whacky Free MMOs on the market that you’d imagine someone would have made a farming MMO. Just look at Racing Star: Come on Baby. It’s a baby themed kart racing game; how weird is that? There’s also a Shot Online which is a golfing MMO and Ace Online which is a Star Fox like aerial combat game. The fact is since there are a lot of creative MMOs out there, you’d imagine there would be at least one farming MMO, but unfortunately not.

I bet a lot of readers are probably thinking ‘Who the heck would playing a farming simulator?’, but the fact is there is a huge market for it, as just try and count how many Harvest Moon games there are on the market. Seriously, just try counting them, I bet you can’t because The company behind Harvest Moon, Natsume, pretty much just churns out a dozen or so remakes of the same farming simulator and repackages it as a new game and people keep buying it. Just about every console and hand held system has a Harvest Moon game today. Natsume wouldn’t keep making these dang Harvest Moon games is no one played them so there is clearly a market for it.

How would it work you ask? Well simple. Ever player in the MMO would have their own plot of land, sort of like the actual Harvest Moon games and since this is an MMO each player’s farm would be its own ‘instance’. That’s really the only way I could imagine it working, because if there were to be a persistent world, it would have to be enormous to support thousands of farms at once and without instanced farms, players would just harass each others crops and farm animals with a sickle or something. Players could interact outside of their farm in the game’s town square where they can also purchase seeds, new tools and upgrade their farms. Crops could also be sold in the

I obviously don’t have all the details figured out, but it would certainly be interesting to see a game developer launch a farm simulator MMO. Another reason I’d like to see a farming MMO is because I’m tired of playing the same type of game over and over. There are seriously a dozen or so MMO shooters and most of them are unusually similar. Sure there a few great MMO Shooters like S4 League and Combat Arms but for every good one there are easily three mediocre ones. Unfortunately, this applies for a lot of other MMO Genres as well, like racing and rhythm games because there are easily a dozen or so racing MMOs, but only a handful of them are actually good games. I’d like to see MMO developers and publishers innovate a bit, and a farming MMO would certainly be innovative.

Poker From Your Computer

As poker’s popularity continues to grow in the United States and overseas, players new to the game itself, as well as experienced home game players, continue sidle up to the casino poker tables asking to be dealt in.

Poker originated in the saloons of the Wild West and has probably the most game variants. It is played player against players and not just against the dealer as in Blackjack, and there is a lot of psychology involved during play. Poker takes a moment to learn and a lifetime to master.

The cards are ranked in descending order starting from the highest; Ace, King, Queen, Jack, 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, Ace. Ace can be high or low. There are four suits; spades, hearts, diamonds and clubs, but no suit is higher than another.

There are 2,598,960 possible combinations of cards in a poker hand you can be dealt.

In most games players must ‘ante’ a nominal amount just to have the cards dealt. Once the cards are dealt, the betting starts. Players bet into the pot in the middle of the table and it is done in turn clockwise.

The player with the highest rank showing, is the first to speak and to bet. He can either bet or check. By saying ‘Check’, he passes the decision to bet to the next player who can also check. If all players check, then it is the end of the round. Everyone opens his cards and the highest hand wins.

Say you start with a $5 bet. If someone else raises $10, he puts $15 in the pot. When your turn comes again you need to add $10 difference to the pot to stay in the game, and if you want you can also raise or even say ‘Pot’. Pot is a raise to the maximum, which means to bet the same amount as the total money available in the pot.

Well, I think you should now be equipped to go out there and play poker. Play intelligently and carefully. Keep an eye out for tells. Know your own limits, and most importantly – play to win!

Cooking Master Boy

I remember back then watching this Japanese anime that was shown in a cable channel. It was about this simple boy who has the talent of cooking because of his “golden hand.” This golden hand channels energy and power that it brings out the best flavors of a certain viand or a certain food. He then proceeded to a quest all over his country so that he could improve his cooking skills and even joined cooking competitions which pitted him against the best cooking masters of his country. It was fun to watch because these cooking tournaments are designed like a martial arts tournament. The conversation would run something like what you hear in an old Asian kung fu movie. You know those films that bred Bruce Lee, Jet Li and Jackie Chan back in the 70s and 80s? You do not know how they sound like? Well, let me give you a sample: “You do not mess with me boy. I know the secret Buddha stirring spoon technique!” or “You want to test my cooking skills? You will regret ever knowing the Carrot clan!” or “I am the feared pork dimsum master of the dreaded hog region!” Try this one: “Feel the wrath of my dragon scaled skillet!”

The lines are horrible and cheesy, right? But nobody expects to get some intellectual discourses with watching cartoons. You cannot find issues concerning global warming and global hunger and worldwide recession while watching it. Cooking Master Boy is an anime that is all fun with a lot of heart. The good thing about this, is that you will get some basic lessons about loyalty, friendship, and courage. From the title, we can gleam that the boy was made a cooking master. It is heart warming to see that hard work and determination is rewarded after all and that good always triumphs over evil.

Now that I have babbled on and on about Cooking Master Boy, I began to wonder why my train of thought jumped to my childhood anime anyway. Let me just back track a little. I feel like I reallyss getting old. I remember cooking master boy because I was thinking about cooking. I was thinking about cooking because this morning I was playing cooking games! Ah, yes, cooking games. Now I am a total incompetent in the kitchen. My family knows I am there because the place would look like Chernobyl. Ironically, I love to cook but cooking doesn’t agree with me, so I have to find a way of doing that without burning the house down and that is where cooking games come in. Cooking games simulate some basic cooking method in one website. I learned to bake blueberry muffins and some cakes using these games. A virtual kitchen heaven is this site. I am glad to have discovered cooking games for I have saved a lot of furniture back home from future untold catastrophes that my cooking experiments will lead me.

What Is uVme?

uVme is a revolutionary new business that combines the power three different, but together very powerful elements of the internet today. The first element is network marketing. Network marketing is not a new element to the internet, however, how about a new and exciting method of network marketing never before seen to the internet?

The second element is Social Networking, uVme takes social networking to a new level with web 2.0 and combining both social networking and network marketing together you get yourself a social network marketing experience. Perhaps the most fun comes from the online games entertainment element.

Online games entertainment is one of the most popular and largest industries today. Many people turn to the internet for their entertainment and leisure than any other activity today. This means there is a boom of interest in the online games world, so why not take that avenue and make money with it.

What uVme does is combines all of these elements into one giving you the power to earn income and take it to massive potential. What happens is that uVme offers a platform for skill games and combines it with the ability to generate cash by challenging opponents and then use social networking platforms such as a variety of instant messaging tools to allow players to add their friends and make even more challenges.

How Can I Benefit From uVme?

uVme offers the business more opportunity to earn money, in fact it could become its own business. How? Well, consider how many online game players there are each day. Now, consider how many friends they have? Now consider how many of those players and their friends are also looking to make money from the internet. That could turn into some massively potential income for you.

Think about this, with the uVme pay plans, you earn money each time someone pays to play a game. That means for every paid game that is played by your players, you will earn an income. Now, if their friends also pay to play games, that is even more earning potential for you.

On the other hand, in the network marketing side, if you recruit associates, you earn money as well. We all know that social networking and network marketing are major elements of the internet. Let’s face it, when you have a good experience with any product or company, aren’t you going to tell someone about it? Of course you are! Your game players are going to do the same.

So, let’s look at some of the benefits you can have with uVme:

o Earn money with every game played

o Earn money on associate recruits

o Earn money on friends of friends

o Earn money on friends of players

The earning potential is enormous and you have the opportunity to earn as little or as much as you would like, the choice is yours.

Online Games

Online games are the latest and growing trend in internet entertainment today. People spend hours upon hours each day just playing games. Many of these same people are also perfectly willing to pay for their game experiences as well. This means that each one of these people are a potential customer for your uVme business.

uVme takes a skill based platform and allows your players to interact with other players around the world with healthy and enjoyable challenges on their favorite games. Well, think about that, two people challenging on your uVme account, which is twice the amount you would earn from just one player right there.

Social Networking

uVme decided it was finally time to take social networking to another level. Many people, young and old have accounts at MySpace and Facebook. Both of these have grown enormously in the last several years and get millions of hits each day. Now it is time to combine your uVme with the likes of MySpace and Facebook.

Instant Messaging

Now you add in the popularity of instant messaging with tools such as Yahoo, AIM, Google talk, MSN Messenger, and Jabber, you are opening up a whole world, literally, of potential. uVme combines its already great platform with capabilities to interact with people on your friends list. Your players will have the opportunity to challenge their friends to a game on uVme, add people from their friends list, and at the same time, that means more paying players for your business.

As you can see, uVme is opening many more doors for your business. It is time to take your business or your earning potential to the next level with the only program that combines three of the most crucial elements of the internet together into one convenient platform.

4 Reasons Why You Need Kinah In Aion

Aion is no different from many other MMORPG’s and just like with the other MMORPGs you need Gold (Kinah) in Aion. The main reason being, it takes money to make money. So without further ado, let’s go straight to the reasons why you need Kinah.

1. It Takes Kinah To Make Kinah

This can be interpreted in a few ways. The most obvious one being, if you want to get richer with the character you’re using, you need some sort of investment. You need to buy items so that you can sell them again. Either at a higher price, or manipulating the item and selling it that way.

Also keep in mind that if you have alternative characters which you are not using, try to see if you can get every last kinah on your main character, so that you can use it to make even more kinah.

2. Get Those Wings

Aion became famous because you were able to fly in it. It makes sense that you need some sort of wings to fly, and that’s why you need to have kinah. Because in Aion, wings are on the expensive side and you need a bit of kinah to buy it. The wings you can buy in Aion do not only give you the ability to fly, but you also gain additional stats from the wings.

If you are new to Aion and you’re thinking about buying the best wings possible, be ready to open your wallet and have some kinah in it, because wings are expensive.

3. Quick Sales

In Aion you have the ability to either use the Auction House to sell your items, or you can use a global chat to sell them. This is another reason why you need kinah in Aion. People who use the auction house, are usually people who have enough time and money on their hands, meaning they are not in a rush to sell their items.

People who are selling their items in global chat however, are people who want to sell their items as quick as possible. Most of the time they will undercut the prices on the auction house and sell their items for a lower price. If you have enough kinah in  your wallet, you can buy these items and sell them at the auction house for a higher price.

4. Help Your Friends

Aion is a MMORPG (Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game) and the multiplayer part is very important. Because you are playing the game with others, means you can help others. Look around for people who are trustworthy and are playing the game on a regular basis. Once you find these people, add them to your friends list. 

Just like in life, people sometimes need to borrow money from other people. It’s useful if you have money to lend these people. Being able to lend money to people, gives you the ability to ask them for favours later on in the game!

The Cheap and Convenient Practice of Game Downloads

Why download games?

The practice of downloading is sky rocketing in the current market. Recent advances in many aspects of the internet have enabled this increase, with security, cost and speed all improving drastically in the past few years. One major concern that gamers had previously with purchasing content online was the security aspect of the transaction. 10 years ago the internet was a much more profitable place for fraudster and those with the desire to profit from unsuspecting consumers. However, sites now utilize high level security systems to protect the personal details of their customers. Systems like SSL P-128 data encryption technology allow your details to be safely passed on to retailers without the fear of them falling in to unscrupulous hands. Other companies such as E-Cash and Data-Cash provide the same service. Always check at the bottom of a browser whilst shopping online to ensure there is a padlock symbol displaying – this means that the site is safe to purchase items on. The cost of video games – both in shops and online – has also contributed to the increase in downloaded games from sites due to the online downloadable game market’s ability to offer games at a far cheaper price. This is due to many factors. Firstly, the games offered for download usually do not have as higher development cost as they are simpler and more in line with the traditional arcade style of gaming (this isn’t to say that they aren’t fun). Secondly, there is a lack of need for packaging costs and delivery costs, which drive the price of shop bought games up and up. Finally, and most importantly, consumers now get more for their money online. Online games’ quality has increased dramatically and gamers now know that they will be buying a quality, well-designed product. The final reason to download video games is that it is quick and easy. Broadband speeds are now faster than ever and games can be downloaded within minutes. Contrast this to ten years ago, when broadband was in its infancy, and it is clear to see that downloads are more convenient than ever.

What if I can’t download a game?

There are two major reasons why a gamer would find difficulty in downloading a game. Firstly, it has to be downloaded at a time when the site isn’t swamped by other customers also making purchases. The first step to take when a download isn’t working is to assume this fact, and wait for a few minutes before trying again. If this doesn’t work, then the cause could be a firewall blocking access to your computer. To assure this doesn’t happen one should change the firewall settings – speak to the internet security provider used to ascertain how to do this.

Why Children Love to Play Ben 10 Games

We all are aware of the fact that children love to play games as they can spend a quality of time with their friends and family. One of such games is Ben 10 and these games are based on the popular television cartoon show. In this show, the name of the super hero is Ben having the power to morph him into numerous aliens and he is capable of fighting with evil bad boys. This television show is liked by all children world- wide. This is one of the reasons that gaming industry has developed the games based on this television show.

Ben 10 television shows got released in October 2008 in North America and February 2009 in United Kingdom. As the shows got more popular, Ben 10 online games were introduced on the internet which gained popularity in short span of time. There are a lot of Ben 10 games available on the internet and your children will have great times playing these games. Ben 10 Critical Impact is the game liked by all children and this game has been a popular online. In this game, a meteor shower has been threatening to slam into the planet earth. Ben 10 is in need and wants your help to save the planet.

These games are known for fights, actions and stunts; however, some of them do not have these elements. All of these games are available on various websites. You can log on to the internet and search with the appropriate keyword. There will be a lot of site links which you can click on and create an account. However, it is suggested to read the terms and conditions for playing the games which you must get familiar with. Playing these games will be the best option for having great times with friends and family at the comfort of your home.